Friday, May 2, 2008

Game 2 Press Conference

Captain Eric Pierce recaps the Strangers in the Alps' 1-1 tie against Spanking Machine last night:


Pete Navarra said...

Actually.. it wasn't Stewies Sexy Party.. it was Spanking Machine that we played.

Eric Pierce said...

That lighting was really flattering!

Yuval Shavit said...

Way to blame the loss on the players -- the same players YOU recruited!!!! I still think this team can pull itself together but if it can't its because of teh management & if they were willing to spend a bit more money to get the good trades instead of just rasing prices for tickets and pocketing the money maybe this teem would see success for the first time in the 20 yrs ive been following professional kickball!! LETS GO STRSANGERS "FIND" THE OTHER GUYS!!!!